Discover the nature of beauty from TPA Natural Façade System!

Geological resources have been used as construction materials for thousands of years, such as stone, wood, mines, rocks. However, in this century, how to keep the sustainability of the global environment has become an important issue. It is a universal value to avoid over-exploitation and destruction of ecology.

TPA offers an alternative way which is not only to achieve the environmental conservation, but also to satisfy the needs of artistic building design. 

System Advantages: 

• Lightweight, reduce the weight of the building and the damage caused by the earthquake or movement
• UV resistance and excellent weather resistance
• Non-thermoplastic, effectively prevent the pollution particles from attaching on the external wall
• Suitable for interior and exterior walls and most of substrates such as all kinds of cement, wood and metal surfaces 
• Reduce the exploitation of natural resources and conserve the ecology
• Variety of textures and colors of natural materials can be customized